Jesus And Politics


Psalms 22:14-18 says He was poured out like water, and all his bones were out of joint; his heart was like wax; it melted within His breast… David, the writer of the book of Psalms, said that Jesus’ strength was dried up like a piece of broken pottery, that His tongue stuck to his jaw because of the level of exhaustion He went through. David added that they pierced Jesus’ hands and feet with nails. And those nails hung His naked body in the air like clothes on a hanger for hours. When I think of His anguish I am prompted to do something. I don’t know what but I am prompting to do something. If even to meditate on the sacrifice required doing such a thing. What physical shape does a man need to be in before He is whipped to the brink of death? To consider these things my heart is stirred up because I hold to the belief that all of this torture was voluntarily gone through so I would never see death.

The pain…

The exhaustion….

Can you imagine?

The sweat…

The tears…

The blood…

Can you imagine?

Even if you cannot I can…

Now imagine yourself in a room arguing with three rich republican C.E.O’s. about how selfish they are and how much they don’t know about the sufferings of “the people.” Or flip it and consider giving your lecture to that “sinner” democrat as they protest for pro-choice. Your passion riles up in you as you defend for the weak, and fight for the life of those who have no voice.… are we not an arrogant people!!! Fighting for our opinions as if they start or end with us. How can you compare a noble act like fighting for the powerless or giving to the needy with someone dying for the powerless and giving His life to those in need? There is no comparison!!! Although our politics may come from self-sacrificing conception our perspectives are nothing short of wicked if they are held with proud thinking. We did not start charity, and we certainly did not initiate the idea of justice.

We as unworthy men and women say thank you to a gracious and fair god by fighting for the people He loves. We do it passionately; we do it eagerly, unapologetically, but never proudly. Never stubbornly, never, condescendingly!!!

How can a man thank Jesus for His death while dealing carelessly with those His death benefited?


Faith….All That Matters

Faith… All That Matters

In the middle of nothing. In the middle of the abyss, where it seems that there is no life, where do you go? You are in the middle of the driest of deserts that stretch for miles and miles and miles and miles and have no clue as to where your first step should be…

There is no direction you feel will make a difference because you do not see how going left, right or forward would have substantial value. They all lead to more of the same sand.  The discouragement you feel isn’t something you can express. More importantly, you have walked in this condition for so long you are exhausted with sharing your woes to the empty air. You are by yourself in this desert. There isn’t anyone around you, and you have survived by merely drinking water from minute plants miles apart. There is no certainty that there will be another plant in the distance. You are hungry… tired… near hopeless. You know if you quit and wait for help your death is certain; for no one will come to save you. You are alone in your place of distress. But where do you go not having the direction of a leader? Ohhhh how easy it would be just to follow someone and criticize his or her mistakes.

Beginning to desire in earnest even the worst of leaders you pray, “I’ll take anyone Lord, just send someone to help; someone to take me out of this place of anxiety. Send me someone that can take the lead with confidence and I will follow them with divine obedience.” Immediately as the thought leaves the assertion comes that the previous prayer is offered in vain. It will not be granted. Deliverance will come through you and you only!!! For you are in training to lead the masses and if you cannot lead yourself with peace, those that will follow you in the future are doomed for despair. This moment is merely preparation for the next. What will you do when families wait on you for their provision if you cannot provide for yourself? A leader of leaders you have been called and now you lack the pose to follow your own confidence. This is merely the refining of pure gold. When this is over you will look at Death and laugh!!! This victory will build in you the assurance that you cannot be denied any pursuit. You are becoming an unstoppable force. And at that precise moment you begin to run with great zeal knowing that faith is more than seeing what others cannot. It is more than believing all will be well. You are more than a 4 year old who waits for Santa on Christmas Eve. You are a gladiator that is firm in knowing that whatever comes out of the gate will not leave alive because you are on the other side. You are a lion crouching for the next kill; a training Olympian that has only known gold as her rewards. Your attitude is more important than any circumstantial change. Your victorious thinking is the beginning of your wonderful comeback. Faith has sprouted like a plant in the desert. It isn’t really important where you go; as long as you go!!! Death is not intimating or a fearful aggressor. You have beaten Death because his only power is fear. For we all are destined to die. That is certain! However we do not all die the same way. We do not all die married to Faith. Tragically many of us divorce her because of Death’s many influential threats. Failure is irrelevant because you choose to believe pressing on is all that matters.



 by: Anonymous

May 30th 2012 

What is the definition of insanity? It is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. By that standard most of us are insane… But not at the same time.

I would suppose all of humanity at one point in time has pursued vanity, or chased after dreams. I do not think it strange to think there has been a place all of us has run to that lead nowhere. Or maybe not, maybe we knew exactly where we were going and voluntarily left. Maybe we even saw our enemy-looked him in the eyes- and chose death. That’s crazy!!! Here you are held captive… hostage even. You have called out for help and the world has come to save you. You cry and scream as the thief in the night laughs at the irony. He alone knows the truth about how you got there and what would grant you the power to be released. Can you imagine sobbing until your head hurts because you know if not liberated you will be tortured to death? Then, as you beg for your life your captor begins laughing at your pain and declares, “You alone possess the key!!! You have voluntarily walked in this prison and you are free to leave whenever you like.” When you hear this you struggle with believing the monster in front of you because it could not be that simple. It does not make sense. I mean, why would you lock yourself in a chamber to be tortured and then plead for mercy as if you were powerless over your own fate? That’s crazy. That’s insane!!!

As I even write this there seems to be a form of judgmental thought directed towards the parable I just envisioned. My head turns from side to side in shame… we humans are such hypocrites. Even the best of us seem to so easily forget our worst offense when seen in others. We forget that we have been in the same gutter day and night so many times before. We forget that we have failed over and over with the same methods and still after our most exhausting loss we direct our minds to the same foolish thinking that lead us to the pit we currently trying to get out of.

So why do we not realize the simplest and purest truth? Why do we not understand that we are the oppressed and the oppressor? We are both the slave and the master. If only someone would enlighten us that it is our weakness that makes us strong. It is when we become slaves we finally enter freedom. The paradox of the century is that the only way to gain… is to die. Insanity is it not!?!?!  We are in need of more than freedom. For if delivered would we not return to our plight over and over again? I say we need more than what power, deliverance, and freedom combined has to offer!!!

We need to be made anew

Nothing Even Matters No More

Nothing Even Matters No More
By: Jason Lewis
April 12, 2012

          Now the skies could fall/ Not even if my boss should call/ The world it seems so very small/ ‘Cause nothing even matters at all. These are the lyrics from a song written by one of the greatest female MCs (in my opinion) of all time. This song melodically soothes the listeners ear as Ms. Hill proclaims that because she is so head over heels in love that nothing else in the world matters to her. I thoroughly enjoy this song; however it has sparked an interesting theory. We live in the greatest country on the planet (in my opinion), however, it seems that in this new millennium of “I want it”, “I deserve it”, and “I should have had it yesterday” that the statement made by Ms. Hill is more applicable now than ever. Truly, in these days, nothing really matters.
Take a look for instance at the moral decay and erosion that our country has openly embraced of the past 30 years or so (and this is not meant to be a sermon or the outlandish lash out of an uptight conservative). There was once a day were sex was considered personal, private, and dare I even say SACRED. There was once a time when manners and respect and being polite were seen as valuable qualities that enhanced ones holism. Marriage was once seen as a covenant of the highest degree. It was seen as something so much more than a physical pairing. It was a joint venture in life between two people who promised to remain faithful to each other, their values and their commitment. But, today we see with the divorce rate an all time high, sexuality displayed in any venue that will allow it, and a general public that seems hell bent on exhibiting every negative quality that man can offer, that those things once held in high regard no longer matter.
Accept there is one thing that has not lost its place in the hearts of Americans. It may have lost some of its physical value but it has only gained a full head of steam when speaking of its social, governmental and global value. What am I speaking of ladies and gentlemen? It’s money. M-O-N-E-Y. The dollar, the dinero, the coin, the bills, the benjamins, the bread, the dough, the dead presidents, the greenbacks, the cheese, the c-notes, the broccoli, the cabbage, the lettuce, the stacks, the, well you get the picture. With its heightened sense of value we see more and more that the love of this figure truly is the root of all evil. In the midst of a so called recession, an election on the way and a country desperately searching frantically for change, we all know the one thing that will be on everyone’s mind this upcoming November when they hit the polls; money. Who will put us on track economically?
Social and moral issues seem to constantly take a backseat to economic issues. My personal feeling (be it a bit naive I admit) is that the day this country decides to reroute to the days when upholding the idea of integrity was atop the priority list we will see growth in the financial division of this once and I believe still great country. But, that brings us back to the beginning. What matters these days? If the answer still is nothing accept money, than we are speeding down the road of history going at 100 miles per hour without a seat belt unknowing that the road can only end in a cliff or a brick wall. Every great empire in history has eventually crumbled in ashes; and more times than not, the reason for its demise, is often self destruction. Is America headed on the same path as so many historic empires? I cannot truly answer that question with any certainty; however I can pose a question to you. What do you care for? What are you willing to live and die for? What really matters to you?


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